Google Photos Just Kicked Apple’s Ass

Google just landed a knockout punch to Apple’s expensive iCloud pricing. Buy giving free unlimited storage to videos and photos with Google Photos.

Google Photos has some limitations such as limiting to 16 Megapixel and 1080p video. However you make an acceptable print from a 8 megapixel photo

iCloud is Apple’s all purpose solution for syncing documents,calendar contacts, email, photos and videos but it is not free.

Now if you want to store higher resolution photos or 4k video then storage then you get 15 GB Google Drive space free then either $24 per year for 100 GB or $120 for 1 TB a year

iCloud costs $12 per year for 20GB, 48 for 200 GB and 240 for 1 TB

16 megapixel is going to more than adequate for the average person. A combination of Google Drive and Google Photos both Free with 15GB storage Free and Unlimited photos and video storage free

The photo app is cross platform for both Android and iOS with web versions and a desktop app for windows and mac.

The Photos App for iOS works great for viewing, and syncing photos. basic editing tools

Search for photos is amazing. Using computer vision it can search for photos based on the type of photo. Editing controls are pretty basic but you just can’t beat the price.

Ultimately Google just schooled Apple in how to give consumers what they want at a price that they want. Ball is in your court Apple.

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