EASIEST IPHONE HACK to Free Up Storage Space

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So this is a bit off topic from my usual videos. Aren’t they all. But this tip is too awesome not to share with you guys. If you have an Apple Iphone like me and you’re running out of storage space, follow this free, quick, and easy hack shared by my sister to clear up GIGABYTES of space. The best I’ve tried was 3GB of space freed up. It works for all Iphone models (6, 6PLUS, 5SE, 6S, 6S PLUS ) and all the way up to the latest iOS version 9.3.2. A huge chunk of space is taken up by “Documents & Data” in your apps. The more apps you have the more they slowly accumulate phantom space on your iPhone until one day you run out space and you don’t even know how that happened. One solution would be to delete each of the app that is taking up the most space and then reinstalling them. However, this method requires a lot of time and is not very efficient. With this hack, it will do that for you but it will clear the space from all the apps at the same time and in a matter of a few minutes. Give it a try, let me know how it goes, and subsribe to my channel!

**Disclaimer: Follow these instructions closely. If done incorrectly the rental request might go through and you will be charged the rental fee. It is recommended to choose a movie a few GB’s greater than your available space. (I’ve tried renting a 6gb movie when I had 5.3gb space and it proceeded to ask for my payment information and download the movie)**

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