Up to 48GB of FREE Cloud Storage, 14GB Guaranteed

In this video I will show you how to take advantage of 3 cloud services, and use their data combined (in a sense) to create yourself this awesome free space on the net to back things up, sync things…and even use to collaborate on projects.

We will use a combination of:

Microsoft SkyDrive:

and the new Google Drive:

Link to Engadget Chart:

Now, the space you have access to will not be accessible from the same place easily on the net…this is why I show you my easy setup in the video. I basically pinned the folders to my taskbar for easy access. I’ve used this method with Dropbox for months…and works really well!

I love how I can upload without effort, and share my projects, media and documents with friends, family and colleagues easily.

Yes, this may be a little clunky for some people. For those who want to keep their taskbar super clean, you can create what I like to call a “master” folder and drop the 3 folder shortcuts (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, just watch the video) in there. Add the master folder to the taskbar…and WHAM…all the “Virtual Drives” are in the same place.

NOTE: Although these sync files to the net, the space taken up in the folders still take up space in your Hard Drive. Basically what these services do is copy every document to each device you have hooked up to the account.

This is not “streaming” documents in a sense…(wow that’d be pretty cool though).

The main purpose of this video was to explain that you can use all 3 services at the same time to make your life simple. No need to spend a buck if you don’t have to.

Also, this video was to show how you can unlock some more space in Dropbox and SkyDrive

This video turned out to be a lot longer than I expected, but the whole video isn’t necessary if you already know how to use the services. The ending bit is just for the newbies out there.

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