Apple Music vs Spotify: Which is Better?

Apple Music vs Spotify Premium
Which streaming service is the best in 2015?
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Apple Music:

Apple Music: Free 3-month trial then $9.99/month for individual plan or $14.99/month for family plan up to 6 people
Spotify: 3-month trial for 99 cents then $9.99/month for individual ($4.99/month student discount) or family ($14.99 for 2 people or $29.99 for 5 people)
So with the exception of a couple small differences, the prices are very similar. However, if you’re a student I feel like you have to go with Spotify. That 50% discount is a no-brainer in my opinion.

Music Selection
Here’s where it’s going to get interesting. With all these options for on-demand music services (Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Rdio) the main thing that will differentiate them going forward will be exclusivity deals. Which music service will have exclusive rights to certain artists or albums? That’s what they’ll be fighting over. The most known exclusive deal is Taylor Swift, who is not available on Spotify but she is on Apple Music. So if you’re a huge Taylor Swift fan you’ll go with Apple Music instead of Spotify. As a music lover this is a bad thing. We don’t want certain albums or artists to be exclusive to one music service. That takes away options for us. We don’t want to pay for 5 different music services to access 5 different albums. We want an all-in-one solution that we are paying for. So hopefully these exclusive deals don’t become the common method for new album releases.

Playlists and Radio
Apple Music: Playlists are under the “New” section which is weird. There’s a large selection of playlists but the playlists are usually only 10-20 songs each, a lot shorter than Spotify’s.
Spotify: Playlists are a lot longer and can be made by users other than Spotify, unlike what I’ve seen in Apple Music where all the playlists are from Apple as of right now at least.

Playlists are one of my most used features on Spotify. They’re constantly updated, and they always seem to introduce me to songs that I like. When it comes to playlists, Spotify has the upper hand. However, I do like the Apple Music radio feature better than Spotify’s. I’ve never been a huge fan of the radio feature on Spotify. It’s actually one of the features I use the least because it seems to lack a wide variety and can become a bit repetitive with artists on a particular station. If I ever want to start a station based on an artist or song I will go to Apple Music first instead of Spotify because I feel Apple’s radio stations are better when it comes to variety and how their algorithm works. And of course, Apple has Beats 1, the new 24/7/365 radio that actually impressed me more than I thought it would. I found myself listening to it first thing in the morning while eating breakfast. They play a wide variety of music, from Eminem to Courtney Barnett. It’s usually popular music though. They got repetitive at times, replaying a handful of songs, but it’s still in its infancy and hopefully it will get better. Overall, Apple Music wins in the radio category.

For right now I’m sticking with Spotify. Until Apple fixes the bugs in their software and give more customization options I’ll be a Spotify Premium user.


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Apple Music vs Spotify: Which is Better?

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