iCloud lock bypassed using Gadgetwide tool on IOS 8

In this video I POD4G am showing proof that gadgetwide has amazing plans when ios 8 comes out. In September you guys will have the first IOS 8 icloud bypass the day the iPhone 6 comes out. In this video you guys can see that apples iCloud security was defeated by Gadgetwide team again. For the people that need a icloud lock bypass there will be one coming out soon using the original way of deleting setup.app on the iphone. The fix will come out soon it will only work on ios 7.0-7.0.6 and it will NOT have NO bootloops. Thank you for watching this video of me bypassing IOS 8 bata 3 hours after apple releases it and this will show u that we are already ready for IOS 8 later in September.

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