iCloud Hacked – How to Protect Yourself

Rettinger’s Riffs: iCloud Hacked – How to Protect Yourself

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Jon R is back to discuss various topics in and out of the tech world. On this week’s episode, Jon riffs on Apple’s iCloud service getting hacked which caused hundreds of risqué celebrity photos to be leaked online. Cyber hackers used a brute-force attack to gain access to iCloud accounts belonging to celebrities and this allowed them to recover photos that were previously stored on that persons device. It’s unknown how widespread the attack was but as of now hundreds of photographs have been leaked online to sites like 4chan and Reddit. This attack should serve as a reminder to anyone using a weak passwords which can be easily cracked by malicious individuals. It’s up to us to be safe with our digital media and information. All this and more in this episode of Rettinger’s Riffs! MORE: http://bit.ly/1oEVrEf

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