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The FBI gets lawsuit filed against them by media groups under the freedom of information act.
My question to you is…… Who are we really suing?

The Young Turks Covering this story:

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Hey guys! Bendji D. here from Get Fixed and today I’m commin at you with great news. The FBI’s getting sued… Ain’t this about a bitch.

You’ve heard that correctly, the FBI’s being put in their place by Media groups filing lawsuits against them.

If any of you guys remember the San Bernardino case a few months back, you’ll know the FBI and Apple got into it.

Before we hop on this subject matter I would like to say that
the problem I have with this situation it that Orginazations such as the FBI are funded by we the people, meaning suing them is suing us. I mean think about who’s really being sued here.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s just say the FBI gets sued for $234 million dollars, where do you think they get their fundings from. That’s right. Taxes. All they gotta do to cover any legal expenses is dip their hands into an endless stream of money known as your tax dollars and pay it off without breaking a sweat.

Now let’s just dig into the meat of this story. A few months back the FBI failed at an attempt to decrypt Apples security system, triggering the 10 try attempt lock A.K.A aint no way in hell you’re about to gorvernment your way pass my security system.

Realizing Apples security aint nothing to play with, the FBI finally decided to man up and ask Apple for a back door key. Don’t worry Tim, this key will be in good hands. Right?! Think about it, They’re asking Apple for something that doesn’t exist, Apple never created a back door to their security sysem, because that would be a flaw in security.

Now that the Big Bad Government’s butt hurt after so many cry baby attempts to get a decryption method or at least a back door to Apples beefy security, the FBI turned to a third party and actually got into the phone.

I think I have a general understanding of how this third party source bypassed iCloud.
They did it by replacing the IC, Baseband, and the HDD chipset which I think is the same as Apples A6 proccessor found in the iPhone 5.
I say the A6 processor because that is where all the icloud information is stored.

The lawsuit against the FBI was filed under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act.

Long story short the Media demands answers to how the FBI bypassed Apples iCloud security, the method they used may have been illegal Also does the third party vendor have adequate security measures? Let me know whatchu think down in the comments below. And as always. Thank you for being here.

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