Apple Addresses ICloud Attacks While China Denies Hacking Allegations

Without saying much, Apple appears to have sent a clear message to hackers: stop messing around with iCloud users in China. On Monday, a group that monitors online censorship in China accused the People’s Republic of intercepting traffic between local users and in an attempt to steal their passwords. In a so-called man-in-the-middle attack, the Chinese government allegedly hijacked virtually all connections to from inside the country using a fake certificate. A day later, Apple appears to have thwarted the operation with a technical fix, though the company has neither mentioned China specifically, nor confirmed whether the change was a direct response to the attacks. But the company also put out a new support page that says it’s aware of “intermittent organized network attacks,” and warns users not to enter their iCloud username and passwords if they see a warning for an invalid digital certificate. The Chinese government has categorically denied any involvement in the hacking scandal.


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