Is Cloud-Based Storage Really Secure? – Macey Meriggi

Several big-time celebrities are bearing it all–but this attention is not what they would like.
Celebrities, like Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, thought their risqué photos were safely stored in cloud-based storage like apple’s i-cloud.
Hackers gained access and leaked the photos.
This scandal has many questioning how secure their documents and photos are when stored in the cloud.

These days we keep a ton of documents and pictures on our mobile devices, so the option to save all of that information to “the cloud” is enticing. But what if it’s not all it’s cracked up to be?
“There is nothing greatly secure about the cloud.”
Computer expert Preston Vallie says it’s a common misconception that cloud-based storage is a safe way to store important or volatile documents.
“The cloud is a convenience. If you don’t have to have it to save the information you need secured, don’t put it out there. It’s available, it’s going to get hacked sometime,” says Vallie.
Vallie explains that part of the issue with cloud-based storage services like apple’s icloud or Dropbox is that many users have no idea how they work in the first place.
When you hit the sync-to-cloud button on your device, the information is sent to the cloud which is really a giant room of computers or servers. Once the information is stored, you can access it from any device.
The storage process is so simple that many people choose to use those services despite the vulnerability. So how can we secure our information?
“The first thing is a very strong password.”
That means a combination of numbers, capital and lowercase letters, and symbols at least 16 characters long.
“It would help if there’s 2-step verification being used.”
Which means a password is used and then another question or prompt is used as a second verification.
But in the end, not storing anything you don’t want in the public eye is your safest bet to avoid embarrassment.

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