Photos for Mac 2015 – Full Tutorial

Photos for Mac is here and in this tutorial we’ll walk you through Apple’s new iPhoto replacement. We’ll cover everything from importing your existing iPhoto library, show you how to make it sync with your iPhone and iPad, how to edit photos, slideshows, and a lot more. Photos for Mac is very similar to the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and so far… we kinda like it!

The first part of this tutorial video will show you how to safely move your data from iPhoto over to Photos via the iCloud. If you’d like to skip to where we dive into Photos for Mac, skip ahead to 05:00.00

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Move your data from iPhoto to the cloud correctly 1:04
View photos 5:26
Edit photos 6:53
Photo sharing 11:52
Create slideshows 12:35
Delete photos 17:20
Quit/Close the app 18:28
Print photos 20:14

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