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iCloud is the Apple online solution for storing your photos, documents and backups of your iOS devices

Photo Stream (00:11)
Once you have taken a photo with your iPhone or iPad, it is stored on the cloud where you can access it with any of your Apple devices.

Unified browsing (00:22)
Unified browsing will save bookmarks, reading lists and open tabs for you to access on any of your devices. This way you can start browsing a page on your iPhone and pick up where you left off on your iPad

Backup and restore (00:37)
You have the ability to backup your device using the iCloud. In settings, go to iCloud, then Storage & Backup. Switching on iCloud backup will ensure that all of your photos, documents, contacts and calendar entries are stored incase you lose or break your device. Backups will occur automatically when your phone is connected to power and Wi-Fi.

iCloud.com (01:00)
You can also log-in to iCloud.com on your computer where you have access to contacts, calandars, mail and more.
With the Find My iPhone feature you can also see and track your lost or stolen Apple devices so long as they are switched on and connected to the internet. From here you can play a sound on the device – if you think it was lost – or erase it completed – if you think it was stolen.
Lost Mode will give a message on your iPhone which will allow the finder to call a number that you specify. They will not have access to any other features on your iPhone. You will also need to download the Find My iPhone app onto your device for these features to work.

Storage allowance (01:40)
Apple currently gives you 5GB of free space on their iCloud but if you want more you can buy a storage upgrade straight from your device.

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