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‘Pandora vs Spotify: Battle of the BRANDS’

What it do? Welcome to the Mint Review it is your girl Brandi Nicole Minter bringing you fire reviews about movies, music, hit television series and MORE!

And today we’re going to talk about Pandora vs. Spotify

Now I do not know about you but I am a BIG music junkie and…

I listen to pretty much all kinds of music everything from: rock, hip hop, R&B, classical um…gospel, EDM, uh…just the list goes on.

I listen to all kinds of music a number of artist so when the whole streaming radio started getting big I totally hopped on that ish like no other.

I didn’t really get into satellite radio I think at the time when satellite radio was becoming big I didn’t have a car of my own…

And then when I did have a car I was driving my mom’s car so she didn’t have satellite radio so I was never really into satellite radio however when Pandora was um you know coming around I listened to that but then umm…

I was really into Grooveshark at the time.

Let me know in the comments below if you were into Grooveshark or if you have even heard of that platform. It’s no longer in existence umm but then Spotify when that rolled around I totally hopped on that ish.

I tried out my thirty day free trial and then I went ahead and upgraded to the premium package and I have been with Spotify ever since.

Um so I do listen to both however there are three main things that really differentiate the two for more me. Um you know there’s three things that you know create a whole different experience for me when listening to Pandora vs. Spotify.

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Spotify vs. Pandora: Battle of the Music Streaming Services

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