How To Sell Your Music On iTunes & Other Digital Platforms (without a record deal)

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I used to think that it was a bad idea for indie artists to distribute their music on any platform that doesn’t allow them access to the information of the people who buy their music.

​The reason was simple:

Anyone willing to spend money on you is a keeper. I know it sounds a bit “gold digger-ish” but it’s true.

​People who spend money on you deserve to be appreciated and nurtured so an extra effort should be made to get to know them.

Not in a weird “I want to be your best friend” kinda way but at least sending them an email or sms to say “Thank you for supporting my music career, it means a lot”.

The turning point against my own logic came when I realised that people (even my own friends) don’t consume music the same way.

There are people who love Apple Music & Spotify for their user interfaces, for example, and these are their primary platforms of choice. Others love Shazam because most of their music discovery is through radio.

Now, I could go on all day about the idiosyncrasies of different types of people and their music consumption but the simple point I’m trying to bring across is that you need your music on as many platforms as possible if you want to reach more people.

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