How to Get Your Music Onto iTunes & Spotify | Digital Distribution Guidelines

Do you have new music that you’re trying to submit to an online store like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or Spotify? Here are some helpful guidelines you can follow when submitting your cover art and songs for Digital Distribution. This video covers artwork guidelines, as well as specific copyright and trademark requirements, so that your music will be available for you fans soon after submitting.

Here are some of the main guidelines covered in the video:

– You must own 100% of the music and samples (as well as any logos or trademarks) in your cover art
– Your cover art must be a perfect square (ideally 1500 pixels by 1500 pixels)
– Your artwork must be a high quality image that is not pixelated or blurry
– You cannot include any images of drugs, nudity, or extreme violence
– The only accepted cover art text is the album title, artist name, and record label name. This information must also match your song details
– Any contributing artists must be included in the Contributing Artist section — not in the song title.

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Good luck with your new release.

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