Quicktip: Manage iCloud Storage

It’s Friday which means it’s time for TJ’s Quicktip! Each week I will show you a tip or trick within Mac OS X or iOS, this week I show you how to manage iCloud storage in iOS.

iCloud gives you 5GB of storage with your account as standard, you can of course purchase additional space if you need it. Part of your storage will be taken up with mail, contacts, calendar, bookmarks and documents, but you can also backup your iOS devices.

If you go into Settings – iCloud – Storage & Backup you can view your total storage and the amount of storage currently available. If you would like to backup your iDevice to iCloud then make sure that the iCloud Backup option is turned On. Your device will then automatically backup when it’s plugged in, locked and connected to Wi-Fi.

To manage your iCloud storage tap on Manage Storage and you should then be able to see how your storage is allocated. There is a section for Documents and Data that shows any documents or saved data on your device that will be backed up with options to delete it if necessary. Under the heading Backups will be displayed the name of the device(s) currently using the iCloud backup feature, if you tap this it will then display further information. From here you can view the size of the last and next backup and all the individual apps that have data to be backed up. You can easily stop data being backed up for any app in the list by turning it Off.

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