iCloud Review 2016 | Find the Right Cloud

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This video is a part of our video series to help you find the right cloud service. In this video series, we are comparing Dropbox vs Google Drive vs iCloud vs OneDrive vs Amazon Cloud Drive.

iCloud is Apple’s bet in the cloud service market but we are not really sure if iCloud is even trying to compete with the other cloud services.

iCloud app is only available for Apple devices. Surprisingly, the company just launched an app for Windows 10 but that is as far as the company wants to go right now.

Working on it on a Mac is extremely easy since it has a single folder like all the other services but the problems begin when you start using it on your iPhone. Everything is super clutter-y and you cannot access all the files on your iCloud Drive at once. Confused? Watch the video for more in-depth understanding.

Speed was another issue with iCloud, we have shared the exact upload and download timings in the video for you to get a better idea. We think this would be a good service for you if you exclusively work with Apple devices.

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