PDFpen 7: Syncing iCloud/Dropbox, Editing PDFs

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In this video: Turning on iCloud storage and sync on iPad/iPhone, setting up a Dropbox sync folder, and editing a PDF on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

—– Transcript —–

One of the advantages of using PDFpen is that it’s multi-platform. There’s versions not only for the Mac, but there’s also a version that works on the iPad and iPhone. And because PDFpen uses iCloud, the documents synchronize across all 3 platforms very easily. Let me show you how. First I’ve got my iPad and iPhone on the screen right now. To turn on iCloud syncing you need to go to the tools menu and in the settings, you can scroll down. You can see the section right here where I’ve got iCloud. You can do the same thing under the phone, under the tools as well.

Once I’ve got that turned on, then documents will sync automatically. For example, I’m going to open up this document right here on my iPad. And let’s say I want to go ahead and perform an annotation on it. I’m going to use the squiggle tool with the orange color, and I’m going to draw a circle around the phone number. Once I’m done, I’m going to back out of that document and iCloud is automatically going to update itself with this new version of the document with the annotation applied. This all happens very quickly. When I open the document on my iPhone, you can see the annotation is already there.

Now I can have a little bit more fun, so I’m going to go ahead and annotate it again with another squiggle. I’m going to get a thicker line, and I’m going to put it right under this section. Then I’m going to back out of that, and my iPhone is going to start updating iCloud with the same information. Now I’m going to go over to my Mac. I’m looking at the root directory of iCloud. You can see on the finder there’s this built in PDFpenPro folder. This is because I use PDFpenPro instead of PDFpen, but if you had PDFpen on your Mac, you’d have a similar folder.

It’s got the little icon on it, and you know that’s the official iCloud folder that’s synchronizing these documents. When I double tap on that you’re going to see that I’ve got the same files here that I had on my iPad and iPhone. When I go ahead and open up this document with PDFpen, you’re going to see it’s got those same annotations that I did on my iPad and iPhone. They automatically synchronized over iCloud. I didn’t have to lift a finger, and the changes just showed up. This is a great feature. I use it all the time.

PDFpen can also sync the documents via Dropbox. I’m going to go up here to the documents tab on the iPad and say add a folder via Dropbox. I’ve got this PDFpen sync folder already selected, so I’ll tap that. I’m going to do the same thing over on the iPhone and now PDFpen is hooked up to a folder in my Dropbox that’s got this one PDF file in it. If I go ahead and tap it, once it’s done downloading. It is going to open up the file and allow me to make further annotations to it. So I’ll go ahead and do that real quick, this time with blue. And we’ll upload that to Dropbox. Then I can go over to the iPhone. Open up the same document, and you’ll see that blue annotation that I just made on the iPad is already available on the iPhone. And for giggles, I can just go over to the Mac and I’ll see that same annotation opens up on the Mac as well. This single document is syncing through Dropbox to all of my devices with PDFpen.

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