Icloud token from icloud backup and how to use!

How to make usable Icloud account token from a decrypted backup..

What we need!
A encrypted Itunes backup
Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker (EPPB)

Once we have backup we run throw EPPB, select tools then explore keychain.

Then to make it simple we save backup to an .xml file

Now open the saved .xml and serch for

Under that we see some thing like bellow

Data AQAAAABW6TwsgudFbKG46tr6r7/0WddddrdseI= Data

Now this is the account password as a token, we need to find account ID
To do this go back to your saved .xml and serch for


With that you should see
kADDSIDRecord_DSIDKey 10444441031 kADDSIDRecord_DSIDKey

Ok so now we need to make a usable token to access to Icloud, so put together as bellow ..


to test we can run throw eppb,

Click tools, download Icloud backup

Select token login
TOKEN works

lets see if we use a wrong or changed password/token

I have not seen any where showing you how to do this so if you found any helpful in any way please like or follow me!
And I cant spell I know 🙂

Thank you

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