iCloud Full Fix

If you bought a new iPhone, iPad and/or iPod and have opted to back it up to iCloud, you may have received an e-mail from Apple informing you that your iCloud storage space is low and encouraging you to purchase additional iCloud storage space. This might not be necessary because if you upgraded and no longer use your previous device, you can delete your old device’s iCloud backup after it has been successfully restored to your new device. For example, when I upgraded from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 I received the e-mail from Apple because I had both my iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 backup in iCloud. To resolve the low iCloud space problem, I deleted my iPhone 4 backup from iCloud after I was 100% confident that my new iPhone 5 contained all of the data that I needed from my iPhone 4. Please share this video with others. I filmed this video with an iPhone 5 camera and uploaded it to YouTube directly from the iPhone 5.

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