How to Make an iCloud Backup | iPhone Tips

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Hi, Lisa here, and I’m going to show you how to make an iCloud backup on your iPhone. So first thing you’ll do, is go to your settings, then you’ll scroll down until you see iCloud, you’ll scroll down again, and you’ll see storage and backup. Tap on that, scroll down again, and you’ll see when your last backup was, and you’ll also see the option to back up now.

Now if iCloud backup is turned off and you don’t see any of that, just make sure to turn it on first. So once you’re on wifi you can make an iCloud backup, so you’ll just tap backup now, then it will show it’s backing up, and it will tell you about how much time it should take to back up. After your first back up, whenever your phone is locked, connected to wifi, and plugged into power, it will perform an iCloud backup on its own, so its a good idea to leave it plugged in overnight, and that way it can backup your phone automatically for you. And that’s how you make a back iCloud backup on your iPhone.

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