iCloud Setup & Backup

iCloud is a free service provided and supported by apple with the intent of keeping all your devices in sync, whether they be iPads, iPods iPhones, Macs or PCs

Let’s look at setting up your account.

You must have your own Apple ID before proceeding. If you don’t, please watch the relevant video to setup an AppleID.

First we will locate and tap on the Settings app. On the left scroll to and select iCloud; on the right type in your apple ID and password and select Sign in.

you will be presented with the terms of service for iColud. scroll down and feel free to read them or just tap agree, twice.

once icloud sets up your account the first alerts you might get is this message about merging. What this will do is take the data that is currently on your iPad and send it up to the cloud. When it does that it makes it available to your other devices. So if you were set up your iCloud account on another iPad or iPhone for example, those settings could be synced with that device. If the thought of that freaks you out, tap don’t merge. I on the other hand will tap merge.

You will probably also get this message “do you want to enable location services”. this will allow your iPad to be found if you lose it with the feature called “Find my ipad”. you can also lock or erase the device remotely. I’ll hit ok and you can see the find my iPad feature turn on at the bottom of the screen.

by default most services will be on automatically. Mail might not be. This is one you might want to enable. if you choose to do this it will ask if you want to create an iCloud email address. make sure to choose a unique name for this email address. It will tell you if you don’t. tap next and then done.

I am going to turn on notes as well. this will keep the notes you create in the Notes app synced across your devices.

iCloud Keychain is a new part of iCloud. It allows you to keep passwords and credit card information synced up between your devices. I’m not going to set this up on this iPad but I do have it set up on my personal devices.

since we are here let’s turn on the backup feature of iCloud. this will allow you to restore some settings and data to another device should your current one get lost or obliterated in some way.

tap “storage & backup”
this will show you your total and available storage. Apple gives you 5GB for free.

tap Backup now.

depending on how much data you have to backup, this process could take a little while.

once it finishes you will see the date and time of the last successful backup under the backup now button

now what if we start to run out of room in our 5gbs of space? tap Manage storage, and then the name of your iPad, and you can see what data is being backed up.
let’s say we don’t want our camera roll to be backed up, just turn it off and it will verify that you want to turn off and delete this data.

we would see the backup reduced by the appropriate amount if we choose delete. The same thing goes when we turn off the power teacher backup.

icloud will backup daily as long as your ipad is on wifi, plugged into power, and locked. Which just means asleep and at the lock screen. so make sure to plug in and lock your iPad often to keep those backups regular.

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